2150 2151 : Ricky Pannowitz

Three Palms


Three palms in the park shrouded by light

Beacons to afar shine in the night

All who have passed and all that soon will

Displaced by a sunset over the hill

Changes like roots looking for water

Holding the ground for here and thereafter

Three palms in the park stand strong to the sky

A trio of strength to all that pass by.


The Busker


The cold night air rings a note

A lonely busker sits alone

Upon a crate he sits to play

For coins to pass the night to day

His stage is set to footpath lights

The audience passes into the night.




Harry ís day to neon light

Tiger Pies warms the night

An institution Sydneyís own

The floater peas and gravy ís home


The Crypt


Who died to dance inside this crypt?

The walls of light rest innocent

The dawning day to moonlight fades

Memories locked beyond harms way.


Old Roots New Light


Two paths to walk through the fork

The light of way with tales to talk

Roots so deep seasoned change

Twisted lives and loves remain

Who passed and comes beyond the trunk

The leaves that fall, the seasons come

Mark the choice by sheltered branch

Light a path to choose by chance.