We will add to this as issues arise. If there is anything you’d like to ask about that hasn’t been noted here please contact the Postcode Project at info@postcodeproject.com

I can’t find my postcode?

  • The postcode gallery search is for searching for a gallery of your postcode only. If it returns no result it’s because no one has yet submitted a gallery. You are free to contact us about submitting pictures and words for that postcode.

How many postcodes an I submit for?

  • At this stage three (3) maximum.

Can I use pictures I already have?

  • No, we will check metadata of shots for the date they were taken. We want shots taken after you receive your submission invitation so we can keep the Postcode Project as fresh and current as possible.

What is the aim of this?

  • Our aim is to have a gallery for each postcode in Australia. If we can generate enough traffic to interest sponsors we will attempt to put together an exhibition featuring at least one ¬†picture from each gallery or a photo book, or perhaps both. We intend to run the Postcode Project for at least one year to see if that ambition is viable.

Who is behind the Postcode Project?