Anyone can participate in the Postcode Project!

Interested photographers who want to participate are invited to submit pictures and words according to the requirements, and subject to the terms, listed below. If you have your shots accepted and published in a Postcode Project gallery, we encourage you to share the link as much as you like. We will always credit each gallery to the photographer, plus we include links to their website and/or Instagram account.

In order to make this manageable there are some guidelines.

Choosing a postcode & registering – You must register before sending us a submission.

  • Please email us at to express your interest.
  • Once you receive the email from us you have 60 days to submit your pictures and words. If we don’t hear from you we’ll assume you’ve decided not to proceed – this isn’t a contest & there’s no obligation conferred to you. It’s simply a project that you can participate in if you’d like to.

The Postcode galleries:

  • Each postcode gallery will be of three (3) pictures plus your supplied text.

Submission Requirements

What are we looking for?

  • We’re looking for shots taken after you receive this email rather than stock photography, we want the project to be as current as possible.
  • Please avoid a few common pitfalls:
    • Over processing (less really is more)
    • Uneven horizons (unless it’s a really rare case of it ‘making’ the shot). Our tip is, it almost never does.
    • Watermarks
    • Obviously anything exploitative, racist, derogatory, any form of ‘phobic’ or ‘ist’, or frankly that you’d think twice about showing your mum.
    • Borders.
  • As for the words – avoid lengthy text about ‘facts’. We want to know what it means to you. What’s your take? What’s your history? Anyone can get the facts from the global source of truth, Wikipedia. So please, no listing of the restaurants, the local attractions, give us a story about why you have a connection, about why this place means something to you.
  • Do your best to tie the pictures and words together. If you write about it, shoot it! If you shot it, write about it! But writing about restaurants and sending us pictures of trains stations doesn’t make much sense.

What do I have to send in?

  • A separate submission per postcode to be submitted. That means if you wish to submit for two (2) postcodes you’ll need to submit two (2) separate emails.
  • A maximum of 10 images per postcode submission (if less than three shots are accepted by the panel the submission will be rejected).
  • All submissions require accompanying text of around 300 words.
  • Please include links to your website or Instagram account if you have them.

What size do the files have to be?

  • Each image should be a MAXIMUM of 2MB, with a long edge of 2048 pixels in JPEG format, quality of 8/10 or 80%.
  • File naming must follow this format: “yourname_postcode_filenumber”, e.g. “johncitizen_2167_1.jpg”

Where do I send all this to?

  • All submissions are to be emailed to with the photographer name and the postcode that pictures and words are being submitted for in the subject line.

Am I guaranteed a gallery?

  • In short, no. Any submission that doesn’t meet the submission requirements won’t be considered & acceptance is absolutely at the discretion of the Postcode Project judging panel. While anyone can participate, submissions are assessed by a panel.

Please make sure you read our terms & conditions before submitting, if we receive a submission we will assume you have. We allow 60 days per postcode for submissions. If for any reason you decide not to progress please let us know as soon as possible.