The Postcode Project

Where do you live? Where do you work? Why is it special? What is it that keeps you there or what made you leave? Maybe you were just passing through on a road trip, or you grew up there and wanted to see who stayed behind and what’s still standing.

The Postcode Project is a live and active gallery created by photographers to document this country as it is right now. In every corner of every postcode is a chapter of the story waiting to be told. In the small towns and big cities, the dying suburbs and booming subdivisions, the industrial areas, backyards, parks, waterfronts, the outback, the in between, coffee shops, farmers markets and surf clubs. All the parts of this place that will never be part of a tourism advertisement still count for as much as the icons we so often see.

We’re going to try to paint the whole picture and have every postcode in Australia represented by the people that live in them. Whether you’re an amateur, a student, a professional or an enthusiast you’re invited to submit your pictures and words. And everyone is welcome to look.

When we’re done we’ll be able to say these must be the people and this must be the place.