7120 Oatlands

When I was growing up in Tasmania, before the highways, our family drove from the north to the East Coast for the summer holidays – with a stopover in the midlands at Oatlands. With strong English influence, this town has Australia’s largest collection of Georgian sandstone buildings.  Back when we stopped over, many of them were abandoned and boarded up and lunch was at the servo.  Today, recognising the beauty of this little town and the value of its historical buildings, newcomers (many from the mainland) have moved here.  Cottages and houses have been restored and craft shops, cafes and galleries have opened. The town is packed with churches, heritage sites and stories of sheep farming, convicts, bushrangers and local characters, including the State’s most feared hangman. The main attraction and latest restoration is the Callington Flour Mill, built in 1837.  It’s now the only working mill of its type in the southern hemisphere.  Lake Dulverton, on the edge of town, is a popular fishing, picnic and birdwatchers’ spot.

Pictures & words by Paula Heelan. Her pictures (and links to her great books) can be found here www.paulaheelanphotojournalism.com and her pictures on Instagram are here @paula_heelan