3950 Korumburra

Wrapped in green rolling hills Korumburra is the town I know best. I knew it before the existence of postcodes. I was born there and spent my first 17 years living there. 3950 is as familiar as it was all those years ago. The pool I stood next to being pelted with hail during sports class is still there. The butter factory on the hill. The unused railway station where the last passenger train departed  in 1993, 101 years after the line was opened. Quietly the town ticks along, new homes have been built in the paddocks where I once mushroomed. My primary school’s beautifully classic red brick buildings are surrounded by modern extensions. It is known for giant earthworms, rain, Coal Creek historical village, the place where Trampoline gelato was made and the odd earthquake happens.

Pictures & words by Merlyn Cantwell, her pictures can be found on Instagram here @jamcan2015