3934 Mount Martha

Mount Martha, the “village by the sea” fronts Port Phillip Bay, at the south-eastern end of the Mornington Peninsula. Rugged, rocky cliff tops lined by tea-tree and scrub both south and north of beautiful beaches lined with colourful bathing boxes give Mount Martha its village feel. The beach is packed in summer with both locals and holiday makers enjoying the calm waters of the bay. Come winter it’s the dogs turn to frolic in the chilly waters, owners slowly strolling the sandy shore.
Inland, the green wedge stops development from encroaching, filled with farmland of Angus cattle, chicken sheds, and meandering vineyards.
Start your day inland at The Briars Homestead, explore the wetlands and woodlands, then on to the boardwalk, walking through a swamp filled menagerie of tea-tree and paperbark as you follow the Balcombe Creek estuary all the way to the beach. Tackle Birdrock Beach stairs down to the bay if you like, or just find a cafe for coffee and cake.
Then…watch the world go by as you relax in paradise.

Pictures and words by Hugh Maclean, his pictures can be found on Instagram here @bughouse23 and on his website there www.bughouse23.com.