3723 Merrijig & somewhere between Mansfield & Wangaratta

Merrijig is a small town nestled at the foot of Mt. Buller and Mt. Stirling, in Victoria’s High Country. The town lies in the Delatite River valley a short drive from Mansfield and was established as a farming and sawmill area originally, but was chosen as the filming location for the 1982 movie The Man From Snowy River and its sequel six years later. The Delatite River passes through the town centre and after rain, it offers excellent kayaking. Throughout the area there are beautiful picnic spots along the river, Mirimbah Park at the base of the mountains, and a walk along an old Tramways site, ending at a picturesque waterfall. The Hunt Club Hotel was established in Merrijig in 1873, and provides great pub meals, while surrounded by rolling green pasture and with views to the mountains, Merrijig offers a tranquil and bucolic getaway.

Pictures and words by Nicola Beautyman. Her beautiful pictures can be found on instagram here @merrijignic

These photos are all taken on my morning walks. My postcode only encompasses a very small part of it’s area, my patch of postcode 3723 is on the Mansfield to Whitfield road, 36km from Mansfield and around 76km from Wangaratta. I don’t know how to describe these photos, I think they all tell their own stories, a very simple story of a part of a postcode that even the mailman doesn’t deliver to. He comes as close as 6km then turns back to Mansfield. I am just a learner on a computer so hope I have done enough.

Words and pictures by Lindesey Boardman.

Editors note: Lindesey, you have done more than enough, I think this might just be my favourite submission so far, an invitation to someone’s home, the pictures telling an authentic story & the words straight from the heart. My hope for the Postcode Project was to see the parts of this country I’m yet to realise are here, or even could be here, and Lindesey I feel like I just took a morning walk with you. Thank you from the Postcode Project!