3715 Not too far from Bonnie Doon. Yes, that Bonnie Doon.

The images I have submitted were taken on the farm where I live with my husband & our three little girls.

The girls attend the local Primary School 40km away where I also work, so we spend a lot of time travelling back & forth to town, regularly being held up by mobs of sheep on our lane . . . but it is worth it, pulling off the highway onto our dirt road at the end of the day always makes me happy.

It’s a very special place to live & work, we love it here.

3715 includes Merton, Ancona & the epicentre of Australian serenity, Bonnie Doon lies just to the east. These beautiful pictures & words of her family & about her life were sent in by Billie Leatham. Her pictures can be found on Instagram @billiemaephotography and at this community website www.wild-radiance.com