3206 Albert Park

Located 3-kms from Melbourne’s CBD, with the bay to the south and Albert Park Lake to the north, the Albert Park area was originally part of the Yarra River Delta with vast areas of swamps and lagoons and home to the Wurundjeri people. From 1835 onward much of this area was drained to provide parkland and housing and in 1864 was named to honour Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria.¬†Home to successful citizens, many of the old heritage buildings and terrace houses remain, including the old Biltmore Hotel, now converted to residences. ¬†Albert Park Lake and surrounds provide a variety of sport and recreation options with a running/walking circuit around the lake, golfing, boating, the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, as well as providing a controversial home to the Grand Prix. ¬†Bridport Street and Victoria Avenue provide a good shopping precinct with many restaurants and cafes.

Pictures & words by Kerrie Mathee. She can be found on Instagram here @kerriemat167