3006 Southbank

It wasn’t that long ago that Southbank was an industrial wasteland, an unwanted and unloved eyesore sitting immediately in front of the Melbourne city. In the early 1990’s an urban renewal programme kicked off which pretty much razed the whole area, sparing only the arts precinct along St. Kilda Road, and in its place, creating a civic jewel that features promenades and river front parks, high end restaurants, a multitude of entertainment options and a thriving permanent population in the many modern apartment buildings. Melbourne is a ‘walking city’ and on any day of the week the Southbank promenade is pulsing with people, a constant river of life taking in some culture at the NGV or the Arts Centre or having a punt at the Casino or just chilling in the parks taking in the boating activity on the Yarra River.

Pictures & words by Chris hoy, his pictures can be found on Instagram here @chris_j_hoy