3000 Melbourne

The City of Melbourne is a diverse and interesting place with a large transient population of workers, tourists, homeless & students, there was so much to choose from that it was hard to sum it up to just a few images. Melbourne’s laneways have become famous for their street art and cafes. Some of the most popular lanes are Flinders Lane, Hosier Lane (full of street art) and ACDC Lane – which contains ever changing murals dedicated to music. It also houses one of the best live music venues in Melbourne – The Cherry Bar (infamous for turning down a request from Lady Gaga to cancel their band for the night in favour of her after party). Buskers are a fixture in many side streets, the bicycle culture is thriving due to dedicated lanes on most streets. You can see people riding their own bikes, or the blue hire bikes that are on many street corners. Flinders Street Station is a central hub of Melbourne, with trains going to every point in the city. People congregate on the steps, under the clocks, and listen to the buskers, a central meeting point for all ages. The Yarra river, brown during the day, in the evening changes to reflect colours of the lights of the city. Trams travel past the river to the city centre and beyond.

Pictures and words by Mandy Hall. Her pictures can be found on her website here www.mandyhallphotos.com and on her Instagram here @mandyhallmedia


For thousands of years prior to European settlement, Melbourne, postcode 3000, was home to people of the Kulin Nation who are the traditional owners of the land.  Melbourne’s cosmopolitan heart reverberates from a 19th Century gold rush and post World War 2 immigration.  3000 comprises the Central Business District, a “Paris end”, an “Amsterdam end” and Chinatown, but is perhaps better known for its laneways which are a canvas for street art and home to many cafes and specialty shops.  In a touch of irony visitors will see food lines, not due to hard times but Melbournian’s insatiable desire for “signature dishes” from its high quality eateries.  On week days, early morning commuters are warmed by a rising sun that aligns with the city grid and casts lanky shadows down the canyons of concrete and glass. On weekends it comes alive after dark, drawing a diverse crowd of clubbers, dinners, concert and theatre goers. 3000 is proudly Melbourne’s crucible for freedom of expression – whether it be a fashion statement, political protest, remembering our Nation’s coming of age or street parades celebrating the Melbourne Cup or Australian Football League Grand Final.  When catching up with friends in 3000 the refrain is “I’ll meet on the steps of Flinders St Station”……hope to see you there 🙂

Pictures and words by Peter Waters. His pictures can be found here on Flickr