2870 Parkes

It is almost a devotion for a science nerd to pilgrimage to the CSIRO Radio Observatory at Parkes. It has been one of the joys of my working life to have the opportunity to travel to Parkes regularly, where a visit to “The Dish” in the NSW mid west is obligatory.  After dark, as the bird and wind noise fades away, there may only be then the whir of gears as the telescope realigns with its target star. In that space there is the glory of radio silence, as you eliminate your connections to the electronic world to allow it’s ear to listen more acutely to space. Parkes is also supported by farming (wheat, canola, and wool), and every January the Elvis festival gyrates its hips.  I can’t wait to be there again soon.

Pictures and words by William Thoo. His pictures can be seen on Instagram here @billthoo and on Flickr there @bt8888