2649 Laurel Hill

Half way between Batlow and Tumbarumba the small timber town of Laurel Hill has watched time go by. One of the settings for the film The Daughter, Laurel Hill is often shrouded in mist, snow and incredible natural beauty. When Les Murray wrote the poem ‘Driving through Sawmill towns’ he could easily have been writing about Laurel Hill:

“in the high cool country,

having come from the clouds,

down a tilting road

into a distant valley,

you drive without haste. Your windscreen parts the forest,

swaying and glancing, and jammed midday brilliance

crouches in clearings…

then you come across them,

the sawmill towns, bare hamlets built of boards

with perhaps a store,

perhaps a bridge beyond

and a little sidelong creek alive with pebbles……..”

Pictures  & (most of the) words by Fiona D’Alessandro. Her pictures can be found on Instagram here @fi2011