2620 Sutton

Approximately 17kms north of Canberra lays a little rural town called Sutton, which means ‘South Settlement’ in Saxon. Call it little because the population is relatively small to the land mass, but besides that nothing is little out here in this wide open space. Sunrise and sunset is in full unobstructed view, all the way to the horizon, completely unspoiled by city lights. Stars are brighter in the sky and the moon makes its regular spectacular appearance late at night. Take the exit off Federal highway and straight away you would see the vast landscape in your full view. Golden afternoon sun glows lovingly on herds of cattle gazing lazily on the side of the road. Breath in the fresh country air with a slight hint of smoke. You wonder how you could just turn off the main highway of a major city to find this hidden little piece of heaven. That is my exact thought every single time! Hearts are big out here too. People are warm, open and always willing to help. Only 30 minute drive from Canberra CBD this little rural town has plenty to offer as a weekend away destination. A local bakery and coffee shop is opened in July 2016, next door to a convenient store and gift shop, across the road from the park where the local pony club meet one weekend every month. If you are more adventurous then drive on, follow Sutton road on a 15 minute scenic drive to Gundaroo, another small rural town with plenty of pleasant surprises. But that is the story for another day…Come in spring and visit Sutton’s amazing hidden valley, the Tulip Top Garden (https://tuliptopgardens.com.au/). Have a coffee or a tea under the shade of the cherry blossom in between vast gardens of tulips, listen to soft music mysterious coming out from behind the branches and have a lazy picnic with the family. I will see you there!

Pictures & words by Tu Pohorukov.