2500 Wollongong

As a traveller I have a love hate relationship with my hometown Wollongong. Wollongong has all the natural beauty that most coastal towns and lake towns have, sometimes it’s even better. The only difference is that Wollongong doesn’t show it off or have pride in itself. Wollongong is an hour and a half south from Sydney and hugs the eastern coastline, it’s the largest city in the Illawarra region. Situated between the mountains and the sea it has a long history of industry but you wouldn’t believe it as you can’t see it. You have to look South towards Port Kembla and go searching up the escarpment to see the current industry. Most of old Wollongong has been knocked down and rebuilt over the years and it wasn’t until the 70s that the community started deciding that we should keep some of it. You have to go looking up the side streets for old houses and half the time you still won’t find it unless someone points out that building was built in the early 1900s. Wollongong nowadays is a regional city with office workers everywhere. The city comes to life at Eat Street Markets on Thursdays and lunch hours on weekdays but the real luxury is knowing that you can go to the shops and you won’t be bombarded with other shoppers fighting for the same goods.  Wollongong is an amazing place for a Sunday drive or a city retreat, you can escape to the mountains or the ocean it is your choice. There’s something for everyone in Wollongong but it is very much a small city with a small town mentality that does not like change.

Pictures and words by Anita Pallas. Her pictures can be seen on Instagram here @apall93 or on her website.