2486 Tweed Heads

We live on the far north coast of New South Wales, 13 towns that call 2486 home, all living under the shadow of Tweed Heads. We border Queensland, we border the Gold Coast Airport, we have our very own sewerage treatment plant and the Pacific Highway to travel 110km north to Brisbane or 900km south to Sydney. See the core of a volcano, Mount Warning, the first place on the Australian mainland to see the sun at just over 1100 metres to the summit, a great walk that will take you about 2 hours. Our telephone area code is 07? I don’t know why. According to Wikipedia, way back in 2001 we had a population of just over 27,000 people, I think we’ve gotten a lot bigger. although peak hour lasts for about 20 minutes. We have 7 primary schools and 4 high schools and a campus for Southern Cross University, a huge shopping centre, our fair share of clubs, and a pub, corner stores, the servos, the local butcher, a couple of supermarkets and enough bottle shops to keep you topped up.

Pictures and words by Stuart Crawford.