2380 Gunnedah

#2380 represents a patch of dirt in North Western NSW known as Gunnedah, ‘place of white stone’. Gunnedah is mostly a little too far from anywhere, we don’t have any beaches, shopping malls and there’s no domestic airport! We do have amazing long hot Summers and days on end of blue sky, plenty of water activities and space to enjoy, we get pretty excited about the rain and any rise in one of the two rivers that join together here, the Mooki and Namoi Rivers. There’s Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining and related industries along with Retail outlets – Shops; the old fashioned kind, you know, lining the main street. There is always someone to have a chat to if you feel like losing some time wandering around town. It takes five/ten minutes to drive anywhere within the town limits and there is only one set of traffic lights, the streets are wide and the air is clean. There are all the debates swirling around about the life and potential death of small country towns, at the end of the day it is about the people and the lifestyle and there will always be people wanting what places like Gunnedah have to give – a place to call home.

Pictures and words by Di Stacey, her pictures can be found on Instagram here @di_stacey