2207 Bardwell Valley

Bardwell Park is a little suburb located in the inner south of Sydney & frequently inspires comments such as ‘where is that?’ or ‘never heard of that suburb before’.  For a little unknown suburb, it has won some significant battles over the years – most significantly the altering of the M5 east route from straight through the Wolli Creek Valley to a tunnel under areas of Bardwell Park thus preserving the precious bushland area of Wolli Creek Valley for everyone to enjoy. Recently, the suburb’s main intersection, Slade Road and Hartill-Law Avenue, FINALLY got a set of traffic lights – the only set in the whole suburb! Locals have campaigned for 30 odd years for these lights to reduce motorist frustrations and improve pedestrian safety in this area. The local RSL Club, railway station and the small shopping area, with its eclectic signs and inaccessible laneways, sit along this intersection. The Bardwell Park Infants School is situated at the top of the hill – the suburb’s sole school. Many a local child has started their education there, eating lunch under the cover of the giant Moreton Bay Fig tree that dominates the school yard, then playing in the park after school.

Bardwell Park is a little oasis in the inner south – a great place to grow up in, and not too bad grow old in too.

Words and pictures by Lisa Avery.