2170 Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton is a multi-cultural suburb located in Sydney’s south-west & is part of the city of Liverpool. A mix of both industrial & suburban areas it is partly surrounded by the Georges River & parklands. Chipping Norton Lake is picturesque but unfortunately can often be a dumping ground for house hold waste & unwanted furniture, even so, further up the park is still a popular spot on the weekends for the early morning bike riders, hosting farmers markets & picnicking families. You can smell the BBQ’s blocks away & the playgrounds are full of kids laughing & having fun. Trucks are always present on the main drag, driving through or parked to grab something from the take away shop, which can get quite busy with the local high school not too far way. During the week the roads are usually congested with people trying to get to and from work.

Chipping Norton shares the 2170 postcode with a few other suburbs in the area, I have included some photos of near by Warwick Farm as the redevelopment of the race course is taking place where acres of trees have been torn down to make way for a new equestrian complex.

Pictures & words by Amenah Tuimaseve.