2160 Merrylands

Merrylands is an extremely culturally diverse suburb in Western Sydney. Along the Western Line train service, it’s main street and shopping centre are clustered around the Merrylands station. New construction of more apartments seem to keep popping up here but spread out away from the shopping centre and you will find Australian suburbia. A number of churches are dotted around Merrylands, catering for religious diversity. There are many public parks, Holroyd Gardens was the site of an old brickworks where you can still see machinery and chimneys on display. There is a public pool and sporting grounds at Merrylands Park and Central Gardens has kangaroos, emus and native birds on display.

Pictures and words by Michael Jolliffe, his award winning photography can be seen on his website here www.michaeljolliffe.com and on his Instagram there @abyssic_wizard. He’s known for his incredible collection of film cameras & his use and self development of ultrawide monochrome film used in cameras such as the Hasselblad X-Pan & a Widelux as famously used by actor Jeff Bridges.

Michael Jolliffe Merrylands 2160-3