2106 Newport

Newport is located on the peninsula that makes up Sydney’s northern beaches. It has surf on one side and the bay of Pittwater on the other, where sails and masts compete with the breeze and each other.

Driving down Barrenjoey Road into Newport has looked reasonably unchanged for many years, but if you look closely, the shops are taking on a whole new theme. The main street is alive with the aroma of a different culture from every door. Newport is now becoming known for more than just a beach and a pub, as cafe and dining establishments make their mark. Being a beach suburb, surf club culture is alive and well and thanks to them so are many of us. 

The most ‘famous’ landmark in Newport is its pub. It might have new owners and a new name but for those of us who grew up or live on the peninsula it will always be known as ‘The Arms’.

Pictures & words by Merryl Kemp. She can be found on Instagram here @merrylkemp