2097 Collaroy

Front page newspaper coverage in June 2016 of a swimming pool resting on rocks captures the relationship this suburb has with the beach and the fragile aquatic environment. Long Reef Point provides a great walking destination and it’s the best vantage point to survey the dramatic coastline and inland areas. Residents of 2097 appreciate that behind the fragile sands of Collaroy Beach are four compass points providing diverse environments to live in. To the South we have the hustle and bustle of Dee Why melting into the industrious suburb of Brookvale. To the north we have a slender Narrabeen peninsular offering recreational peace from the bustling south with canoeing, fishing and camping. Face west and behind the beach fringe you face a striking sandstone escarpment. It’s a steep rise to Collaroy Plateau, and then another steep decline down through Wheeler Heights’s western slope of solid 1960s brick homes dispersed among rock hugging Angophora trees. Face east and your facing tall Norfolk pine trees, art deco homes of the 1950s and the rolling green hills of Long Reef golf course. I like to think of 2097 as the connecting postcode as it sits between the four points of the compass to reconcile the diversity in the suburban landscape of the Northern Beaches.

Pictures and words by Rod Black. His pictures can be found on Instagram @soulassets and his pictures and blog articles at soulassets.com