2047 Drummoyne

Drummoyne holds a special place in my heart. It became my Sydney home when I crossed the ditch from my native New Zealand in 2002 to be with my now husband. A community spirit is felt in Drummoyne and I find the people who live and work in this postcode incredibly down to earth. Most of the proprietors in Drummoyne I know by name and their warmth helped me adjust to a new life in Australia. Drummoyne is without doubt conveniently situated to Sydney’s CBD. Two of Sydney’s busiest arterial routes run through Drummoyne and the Parramatta River connects Drummoyne to both downtown Sydney and Parramatta. Water views are in abundance thanks to Drummoyne’s peninsula position. Access to all this water provides plenty of recreational walking and fishing spots. Green spaces are plentiful and offer sanctuary from the city bustle. As a local, I made an interesting observation about Drummoyne’s weather: on most occasions it managed to escape severe damage whenever one of Sydney’s notorious storms hit.

A communal aspect of daily life in Drummoyne was being under the flight path. It seemed that the locals accepted this occasional disruption as a reminder that a wider world exists for the benefit of all. The Drummoyne Olympic Pool, Bay Run and Birkenhead Point attract visitors as well as locals alike. Life is pretty good in Drummoyne. According to one of Drummoyne’s well-established retailers, people who leave the area often return within five years.

Pictures and words by Theresa Lee.

Surrounded by water on three sides by Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River, it’s hard to imagine Drummoyne 2047 is only 6kms away from Sydney’s city. The wonderful views over the harbour and Cockatoo Island with yachts bobbing on their moorings make you feel like you are on holidays. This quiet, relaxed atmosphere flows through to all of Drummoyne and its residents, some who have lived here their whole lives and others who have moved here either for a waterfront lifestyle or the convenience of being close to the city. Although there is a certain prestige that comes with being a harbourside suburb, Drummoyne remains delightfully unpretentious. Early mornings and weekends are abuzz with outdoor activity with many running, walking or cycling the famous Bay Run, fishing on the foreshore, rowing calm waters, competing in yacht races or simply heading out on a boat to enjoy the harbour. Of course a coffee at one of the many lovely local cafes is obligatory. However at odds with this peaceful picture, Drummoyne sees a lot of passing traffic along Victoria Road.  This is one of Sydney’s busiest roads running through the heart of the suburb. Many commuters travel to and from the city over Gladesville and Iron Cove Bridges by car, bus and bicycle while others choose a quieter option travelling by water on the river cats.

Pictures and words by Victoria Stewart.