2038 Annandale

Over the last 11 years, I’ve seen so many changes in my neighbourhood of Annandale, in Sydney’s Inner West. Buildings have been demolished or redeveloped into hideous apartments, yet some buildings have still managed to hold on somehow. Only now they’ve become empty and ghostlike, silent monuments of the past with paint peeling or hand painted signs fading or being buried in graffiti tags.

Once a thriving hub of Sydney’s live music scene with its golden mile of guitar shops, Annandale is now a shadow of what it once was… Rising rents and the death and rebirth of The Annandale Hotel have seen the demise of many music shops that once lined Parramatta Road such as Gallins, The Bass Player, Billy Hydes and Jacksons Rare Guitars to name a few.

Despite this, you can still chance upon hidden gems like the second hand record store “The Vintage Record” and my local mechanic, Barry, who at 72 years of age is still racing cars and winning trophies.

The one thing that’s stayed the same and will probably never change is that it’s almost impossible to find a place to park my car on the street due to all the terrace houses not having any off street parking.

Words and Pictures by Haydn Williams. His pictures can be found on Instagram here @noirgraphy