2026 Bondi

When most people think of Bondi, they imagine a spectacular beach complete with beautiful and self-obsessed people, surfers, skateboarders, trendy cafes and penthouses… And yes, that’s all part of the local scene. But for long-time locals, there’s another Bondi, rooted in its late 19th century history as an unglamorous working class suburb, which had a tram stop that democratised the beach as a community and cultural icon. Look closely at Bondi and there are still vestiges of this unpretentious past, deeply at odds with its increasing gentrification. For some of us, these areas are and always will be, the ‘real Bondi’. Here is an affectionate look at this Bondi – my Bondi.

Words & pictures by Jonathan Armstrong, a Moran Prize finalist. His outstanding pictures can be found at his website here www.bigjphotography.com and Instagram here @bigjphotography