2025 Woollahra

I came from England almost 18 years ago and have lived most of that time in Woollahra, postcode 2025. It’s is a fairly small, quiet suburb in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. It is renowned for being leafy and green. There are heaps of street trees, especially non native liquidambars, lining its avenues and offering plenty of shade from Australia’s unrelenting sun. Much like neighbouring Paddington, in some areas, the houses are pretty packed in, and yet the streets retain a spacious feel to them. For a long time Woollahra has been the consular belt of Sydney, and nowadays, there is a bit of a cafe and coffee shop vibe going on, as well as an upmarket shopping culture. I love the fact that, not only is it close to the CBD, but the eastern suburbs’ famous surf beaches are just a short drive away. Modern and heritage architecture sit pretty comfortably together and there’s also a feel to the place that is very reminiscent of my homeland, which is just one of the many reasons I love it here.

Photos and words by Paula Broom. To see more of her photos, visit her Instagram gallery @paulabroom or her blog environmeanttobe.